Onderzoeken over PDA

Wetenschappelijke publicaties over PDA

Academische publicaties van onderzoeksinstellingen over PDA-autisme. Hier vind je welke wetenschappelijke onderbouwing van Pathological Demand Avoidence er is en wat voor onderzoeken er naar PDA zijn gedaan.

Child behaviour and parenting strategies – a research update. By Liz O’Nions

Modification of the Coventry Grid Interview (Flackhill et al, 2017) to include the Pathological Demand Avoidant profile. By Judy Eaton, Kathryn Duncan and Ellen Hesketh, London

Pathological demand avoidance syndrome: a necessary distinction within the pervasive developmental disorders: 16 February 2003, E Newson, K Le Maréchal, C David

Pathological demand avoidance in children and adolescents: A systematic review: July 28, 2021, Arvid N Kildahl1Sissel B Helverschou1Anne L Rysstad2Elisabeth Wigaard2Jane MAHellerud1Linn B Ludvigsen2, and Patricia Howlin3

Pathological demand avoidance: What and who are being pathologised and in whose interests?: February 28, 2020, By Allison Moore

Pathological demand avoidance: Exploring the behavioural profile: October 8, 2013, Elizabeth O’Nions1Essi Viding1,2Corina U Greven1,3Angelica Ronald4, and FrancescaHappé1

Development of the ‘Extreme Demand Avoidance Questionnaire’ (EDA-Q): Preliminary observations on a trait measure for Pathological Demand Avoidance: 07 October 2013, Elizabeth O’NionsPhil ChristieJudith GouldEssi VidingFrancesca Happé

Extreme/‘pathological’ demand avoidance: an overview: December 2020, Elizabeth O’Nions , Judith Eaton

Pathological Demand Avoidance: symptoms but not a syndrome: March 22, 2018, Jonathan Green, Michael Absoud, Victoria Grahame, Osman Malik, Emily Simonoff, Ann Le Couteur, Gillian Baird

The Measurement of Adult Pathological Demand Avoidance TraitsVincent Egan, Omer Linenberg & Elizabeth O’Nions

Dimensions of difficulty in children reported to have an autism spectrum diagnosis and features of extreme/‘pathological’ demand avoidance: 12 October 2017, Elizabeth O’NionsEssi VidingCaroline FloydEmma QuinlanConnie PidgeonJudith GouldFrancesca Happé

Identifying features of ‘pathological demand avoidance’ using the Diagnostic Interview for Social and Communication Disorders (DISCO)Elizabeth O’Nions, Judith Gould, Phil Christie, Christopher Gillberg, Essi Viding & Francesca Happé

Mapping the educational experiences of children with pathological demand avoidance, 12 January 2015, Emma Gore LangtonNorah Frederickson

Extreme (“pathological”) demand avoidance in autism: a general population study in the Faroe IslandsChristopher Gillberg, I. Carina Gillberg, Lucy Thompson, Rannvá Biskupsto & Eva Billstedt

Individual differences, ADHD, adult pathological demand avoidance, and delinquency: October 2020, V Egan, E Bull, G Trundle

The distinctive clinical and educational needs of children with Pathological Demand Avoidance syndrome: guidelines for good practice: May 2007, Phil Christie

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